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This report evaluates the South Australian Health Services Complaints Commission’s (HSCC) SDM program from 2014 to 2015, which reached 8 decision-makers (DMs). Facilitators and supporters reported that as a result of their participation 6 of the 8 DMs experienced improved outcomes in well-being (greater confidence, better mood) and behavior (greater willingness to try new things, fewer outbursts), as well as practical outcomes in employment, skills development, relationships, health and fitness, and living arrangements. This report, rich in anecdotes demonstrating the nuanced challenges and rewards of working closely and earnestly with DMs to make their own decisions, highlights the importance of allowing enough time to ensure effective communication between facilitators and DMs and good coordination between project staff and volunteer facilitators. Finally, it recommends undertaking a cost-benefit analysis assessing the returns for the project participants on the investments made through the project as well as developing a business plan to ensure sustainability and capacity for expansion.

Keywords: South Australia, Health Services Complaints Commission, pilot program, personal outcomes, evaluation


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