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The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network's toolkit discusses SDM and guardianship, and the many different laws pertaining to both in the United States and internationally. The toolkit will help self-advocates, policymakers, providers, and families understand how laws can make it easier or more difficult for people with disabilities to exercise the right to manage their own lives. The toolkit discusses:
• SDM and how it increases the independence of people with disabilities;
• guardianship and how it limits people with disabilities’ choices;
• the CRPD, an international law that ensures people with disabilities have choices; and
• the state of the law on guardianship and SDM in the United States, Bulgaria, UK, Sweden, Canada and Israel.

Keywords: CRPD, self-advocacy, right to make choices


ASAN, The Right to Make Choices International Laws and Decision-Making by People with Disabilities (2016).pdfDownload 

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